about ras title

ALTA Best Practices’ certified RAS Title is owned and operated by a Licensed Florida Attorney with over 20 years’ experience in the title industry and is managed by our Title Attorney, Title Manager, and Florida Licensed Title Agent with over 75 years combined experience involving Residential and Commercial real estate property transactions, with a specialization in REO (real estate owned), purchase/sale, refinance, short sale, and loan modification. RAS Title is an affiliate of Robertson, Anschutz, Schneid, Crane & Partners, PLLC, a Florida foreclosure law firm (RAS).

our mission

To become the leader in Florida’s title industry by providing consumers, sellers, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and lenders professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive customer service relating to residential and commercial real estate property transactions. RAS Title can accomplish these goals only through continuing education, mentoring personnel, maintaining ethical work environment, enhancing technology and meeting compliance.

RAS Title is a member of:


RAS Title is appointed with:


Senior Managing Partner

David J. Schneid, ESQ.
Florida Bar No. 9547 (Since 1994)

Managing Attorney

Eric L. Bronfeld, ESQ.
Florida Bar No. 232660 (Since 2000)


Tom Macarounis