Title Search Report (TSR) & Title Commitment$475.00per parcel
Bankruptcy Search$10.00per name
Cancellation Charge$150.00minimum
Certificate of Good Standing$50.00 – $200.00per entity
Certificate of Occupancy$35.00 – $100.00
Certified Check Fee$40.00per check
Certified Copies$20.00per document
Certified Search$150.00minimum
City of Albany Water & Sewer Search$35.00per parcel
Close-Up$75.00per transaction
Closing Service Letter$25.00
Closing/Settlement Fee$500.00 - $1,500.00
Condemnation Certificate$250.00minimum
Continuation Search$100.00minimum
County UCC-1 Search$35.00per name
Department of State UCC-Search$35.00per name
Document Preparation$75.00 - $175.00per document
Environmental Chain of Title$250.00minimum
Escrow Fee – Other (Contract)$100.00
Escrow Fee – Tax Escrow$75.00
Escrow Fee – Title$100.00annually
Estate Search$100.00minimum
Express Delivery Charge$25.00per package
Extra Chain of Title$125.00minimum
Foreclosure Research$200.00minimum
Judgment and Lien Search$100.00per parcel
Last Owner Search$125.00minimum
Lien Search vs Buyers$25.00per name
Litigation Search$25.00per name
Mortgage Foreclosure Guaranty$500.00plus tax search
Municipal Searches$40.00 – $600.00per parcel
National Remote Notary Fee$200.00 - $350.00per loan package
Preparation of Commitment$250.00minimum
Record and Return Service
$10.00per transaction
Recording Costs$250.00 - $750.00per transaction
Rundown$75.00 - $125.00per transaction
State UCC-1 Search$25.00per name
Title Continuation (Contin)$30.00 - $75.00per contin
Wire Fee$0.00-$35.00per wire

NOTE: Fees and costs mentioned above may vary depending upon contract terms, location of property and other factors. Title premium is calculated per rate calculator. Endorsements to policies minimum $25.00